Glamour Collection

Who is your glamour icon? I think every girl has her own choice. She might be Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, or Lady Gaga, etc. Glamour is something from our inside. It is a kind of inner peace which makes every lady more feminine and sophisticated. What is Glamour? We, Girl Only Designers, think Glamour is SELF-CONFIDENCE. We create this collection for every lady who wants to be glamorous. The color of Silver is one of the important elements we emphasize on this collection. From silver, you can feel the female energy. It is not as shiny as Gold but it has her own statement – Elegance. Behind the female energy, it is SELF-CONFIDENCE. A confident lady deserves one piece of watch from Glamour Collection, as you are your own glamour icon and your own statement.

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